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    Our primary goal is to make you 100% satisfied.
    In order to save you time, we made this FAQ below.
    If you still need help, contact us by clicking on the "Pink Button" below the FAQ.

    Our support team is always at your service :)

    Where is my order?

    Our estimated shipping times are between 5 to 15 business days.

    Track your order by clicking here!

    Can I use it on black clothes?

    Of course!
    We add a 20cm white tape as a gift, which enables you to print on black clothes.

    Simply click here, scroll down for the instructions.

    Is it safe?

    We use natural ink, you have nothing to worry about, its safe & high quality :)

    How many letters can I put?

    You can use up to 12 letters on the first line, and on the second line 10 letters.
    The fewer letters you will place the better quality the stamp will have.

    We support all languages, special letters (é,â, and more), numbers, and symbols.

    Can I write in a different language?

    We are glad to announce that we support all languages, special letters (é,â, and more), numbers, and symbols.

    Now, design your own fitted stamp easily.

    How many times can I use the ink?

    The stamp can be used up to 1000 times!
    We also recommend placing the stamp at room temperature to save quality.

    Is it okay to stamp on thin clothes?

    It's recommended to use the white printing tape for thin clothes.
    We provide 20cm free with each order so we could give you a 100% guarantee that the stamp will not pass to the other side in thin clothes.

    For thicker clothes, the use of printing tape is not mandatory and the ink will not pass.

    Can I write my phone number?

    Of course! You can place both your name and phone number.
    We recommend placing the name on the first line and the phone on the second line.

    Does it come off after washing?

    Our unique stamp is designed with a waterproof attribute.
    It will stay up to 50 washes without fading! Giving you a great solution to a known problem.

    Even if the stamp will fade you can always stamp again to make the ink stronger.

    Still need help?

    We’d love to hear from you!
    Feel free to ask us any questions 😇
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