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We offer a unique solution to the known problem - mixing your family's clothes after laundry.

Finally, you will never lose clothes again!

The ULTIMATE Parent Hack 🙌🏻

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Multi-Use Gift

Our Stamp will finally help you arrange your clothing!

We know that identify the clothes could be a hard task and we are here at the TheNameStamp™️ to solve it!

❤ School Supplies, Toys, Books, papers & Family clothing!

Works On Dark Clothing

We give 20cm of white printing tape for free with each unit, so you could stamp on black clothes! Simply put it on the clothes heat it with an iron and stamp on it after it cools off.

Our tape is friendly and will not irritate the skin, harmless, odorless, and even washable!

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It's a BIG DEAL around here!

Thank you for shopping with us. TheNameStamp™️ will go the extra mile to make sure your purchase meets all your needs and expectations.


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