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    Top 5 Surprising Parenting Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier

    These are the top gadgets that help our children have fun, learn, and keep safe!

    Being a new parent is scary, and can be one of the most difficult times in a person's life. We all love our children unconditionally, but they are a whirlwind of destruction in our homes, and that causes us more than a little stress. And that’s before you begin worrying about sending them off to school or camp! 

    Lucky for us, in the modern world, we have gadgets and technology that can help to take the strain off parenting. Today we’re discussing five of our favorite gadgets that make parenting, educating, and safeguarding children of all ages that little bit easier. 

    #5 - Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

    Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet Product Photo

    While screen time is something most parents are keen to limit, Amazon's Fire HD Kids Edition is a bit of an outlier.

    Everyone knows and loves Amazon’s adult products, but you might be keen to learn that they offer a version perfect for your children. Designed from the ground up to let parents control what and how much content is consumed, Amazon's Fire HD Kids Edition tablets engage children with curated educational and entertaining content.

    This product is available in both an 8" and a 10" model, aimed at kids 3-7 and 6+ respectively. Unlike regular tablets, these come with a protective case already attached and include a bunch of safety controls so you can set exactly what can be accessed.

    This includes limiting screen time per day, setting a bedtime schedule, and setting educational goals such as reading for 30 minutes per day.

    Best of all, Amazon will replace the tablet for free should it break for any reason within the first two years.

    #4 - Xplora x5 Play Smart Watch

    Xplora X5 Play Product Image

    The Xplora x5 Play serves as a great way to keep in touch with your child before they're ready for the responsibility of their own mobile phone. This tough little device serves as a wristwatch first, with tons of other features included to encourage a healthy and safe lifestyle for your child..

    You'll need to install an active sim card with a data connection available into the device to get the most out of it but this unlocks a host of useful parenting tools. Not only does the watch track how active your child is, but it can be used to receive calls from Mom or Dad. The X5 Play is also GPS enabled, allowing you to make sure your child has made it to school safely and has followed the correct route.

    The watch comes in 3 different colors and also has a school mode to ensure it's not a distraction during class!

    #3 - Vtech V-Hush Sleep Trainer

    Providing a soothing and familiar light throughout childhood, the Vtech V-Hush is a portable night light that combines both light and sound to develop healthy sleeping habits in your child.

    The night light is fully portable with a built-in, rechargeable battery meaning the V-Hush can even be brought on vacation. Great for kids who struggle to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. The light is built out of toy-grade materials and is certified kid-proof, meaning it can stand up to knocks and mishaps.

    The V-Hush can display over 250 different colors and has blue-light and sound level limits set to protect your child's sight and hearing and not interrupt their circadian rhythm. As well as the low blue-light feature, the night light includes a glow-on-ceiling projector and a collection of songs, stories, and natural sounds to encourage healthy, restful sleep.

    With a temperature gauge, light timer, and subscription-free accompanying app, the V-Hush is something that will aid you throughout your entire parenting journey.

    #2 - BabyGO Magnetic Child Safety Locks

    Just when you think you’ve got the whole parenting thing down, your baby begins crawling, grabbing, and getting more inquisitive for their own good. Cupboard doors, especially, are of considerable interest to young explorers who may be able to get hold of something unsafe in their adventures.

    One of the best solutions on the market is the BabyGo Magnetic Child Safety Locks that take minutes to install using already-applied adhesive. No drilling, no screws. Simply place a BabyGo lock on the inside of a cupboard door and then use one of the provided keys to unlock cupboard doors as you go.

    The magnets included are 5x stronger than similar products making this one of the safest on the market with even older kids unable to force their way in.

    For peace of mind, the product is also BPA free and made entirely of baby-friendly materials.

    #1 - TheNameStamp™ Custom Stamps

    If you've ever gone to wash your kid's clothes and you’ve struggled to separate them by children, or you find things you don’t even recognize in your pile, this is your solution.

    TheNameStamp™ Custom stamps range makes keeping track of your kid's stuff easy. Each of these cute stamps is customized to print your child's name in a fun and legible font onto their belongings up to 1000 times, meaning you can label all of their belongings quickly, and easily. 

    Whether it's an accidental sweater swap at school, settling water bottle disputes among siblings, or teaching your kids to take ownership of their belongings, TheNameStamp products solve many parenting nightmares and keep everything nice and simple. 

    We’ve all struggled with pens and labels for years, and you’ve either got to give up hours of your life sewing countless names into clothes, or you’re sprawling some awful handwriting in faded pen into the back of all your children’s jumpers. It’s a nightmare. 

    These animal, monster, and character stamps use only the highest quality natural ink. This means they're safe, clear, and last around 50 washes before fading.

    Upon ordering, you and your child can choose a custom icon to accompany their name as well as a stamp character of their choosing, involving them in the whole responsibility-learning process.

    With hundreds of thousands of happy parents and counting all around the world, TheNameStamp range is a parenting must-have.


    While parents are constantly told a product is going to make their life easier, we believe these 5 products live up to their promise, keeping our children safe, educated, and most importantly of all, happy.

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