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TheNameStamp™️ - Luxury Animal Stampy

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Make your own personalized stamp just in 3 easy steps! 👇

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TheNameStamp™️ - Luxury Animal Stampy
$29.99 USD
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The Problem - Lost or mixed-up clothes are NEVER fun 😡

Kids mix their clothes, underwear, or socks all the time... at kindergarten, school, or even at home!

So how can you fix or prevent this annoying issue?

The Solution - Meet Stampy 👋🐼

The ULTIMATE parent hack is here to help! 🙌🏻

Customize your name stamp with us so you’ll never lose or mix your kids' clothes and belongings ever again.

What About Black Clothing?

We'll include 20cm of white tape for FREE 🎁 with each order. - Limited Time Offer

💫 Why choose TheNameStamp™

🌟 Customer Review 🌟

Who loves to label school supplies, clothes, toys, water, bottles, etc…??

With @thenamestamp you can personalize your name and enjoy the stamping. It's super easy to use. David and Daniel stamping their name everywhere. Isn't it great?


🏆 Finally time to upgrade 😎

Grab your stamp and join the family!


Got questions? We got answers.

Can I use this on dark / black / thin clothes?

Yes, you can use our stamp on Black & Thin clothes!

You get 20cm of White Tape for free, with each order (Limited Time Offer) And you could also purchase 1M from 👉 Here

Simply cut the provided tape to the desired length, heat it to the clothing with an iron, and print the name on the label.

**For Thin clothing we recommend using the tape, so it will make sure the ink won't go to the other side.

If I want to pass it in the family / Donate

The white printing tape is a good solution that can be easily removed like a sticker, scratch the corners until you got a grip and remove it slowly.

You get 20cm for free, with each order (Limited Time Offer) And you could also purchase 1M from 👉 Here

Is it safe?

We use natural ink, you have nothing to worry about :)

What about shipping?

We are happy to announce that we offer FREE Worldwide Shipping when you spend over $60, even if you live in Antarctica! :)

Our shipping times are 5-15 business days.


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