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TheNameStamp™️ - Luxury Animal Stampy

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Make your own personalized stamp just in 3 easy steps! 👇

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TheNameStamp™️ - Luxury Animal Stampy
$29.99 USD
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The Problem - Lost or mixed-up clothes are NEVER fun 😡

The Solution - Meet Stampy 👋🐼

What About Black Clothing?

We'll include 20cm of white tape for FREE 🎁 with each order. - Limited Time Offer

💫 Why choose TheNameStamp™


Got questions? We got answers.

Can I use this on dark / black / thin clothes?

Yes, you can use our stamp on Black & Thin clothes!

You get 20cm of White Tape for free, with each order (Limited Time Offer) And you could also purchase 1M from 👉 Here

Simply cut the provided tape to the desired length, heat it to the clothing with an iron, and print the name on the label.

**For Thin clothing we recommend using the tape, so it will make sure the ink won't go to the other side.

If I want to pass it in the family / Donate

The white printing tape is a good solution that can be easily removed like a sticker, scratch the corners until you got a grip and remove it slowly.

You get 20cm for free, with each order (Limited Time Offer) And you could also purchase 1M from 👉 Here

Is it safe?

We use natural ink, you have nothing to worry about :)

What about shipping?

We are happy to announce that we offer FREE Worldwide Shipping when you spend over $60, even if you live in Antarctica! :)

Our shipping times are 5-15 business days.


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