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    5 Reasons Why Parents Use TheNameStamp™ to Label Their Children’s Clothes

    Having stamped labels on your child’s clothing makes it easy to know exactly what belongs to who, which is why more parents than ever are taking this approach.

    Let’s take a look at the top reasons why parents try TheNameStamp 👇

    1. Keep Clothes Out of the Lost and Found Pile

    It is well-known among parents that lost items tend to stay lost at school.

    All too often, clothing that ends up in the lost and found pile also ends up staying there until it is donated.

    As much as we love our kiddos, they aren’t always the best at remembering what belongs to them or what went missing.

    With a clear label, getting your child’s clothes returned to them is easy—and it saves time when doing laundry!

    2. Simple, Fast, and Consistent

    For the longest time, parents have been at the mercy of various writing utensils, like pens and markers, to label their children’s clothing.

    The end result is often a mess of ink, with many of these handwritten labels bleeding together until they are nearly unreadable.

    With a custom fabric stamp, labeling is fast and delivers a perfect and consistent appearance every time in just a few seconds

    3. It’s So Easy–Even Kids Can Do It (and they love it!)

    Parents are always looking for chores to teach their kids about responsibility, but some chores are a little more fun than others–and labeling is one of them.

    Stamps are so easy to use that it is the perfect chore to give your little ones (with some supervision depending on their age, of course).

    You and your child can work together to label their clothes, all while sharing lessons about taking care of their belongings

    4. Labeling is Versatile and Durable

    Markers and pens often bleed after the first wash when you use them for labeling, but a stamp makes it possible to wash without fear.

    A clothing stamp is made with water-based ink that allows you to decide where and when the ink stays.

    The natural ink stays clear and legible for up to 50 washes and each stamp can be reused up to 1,000 times.

    It also works on many things other than clothes, such as backpacks, toys, pen pouches, umbrellas and more

    5. Skin-Safe Ink

    The ink from traditional markers and pens can sometimes be damaging to skin, leading to rashes or just general discomfort.

    Our stamps include natural, water-based ink that is durable on clothing and gentle on skin.

    You can say goodbye to itching and discomfort where the labels are on your children’s clothes.

    The Takeaway

    TheNameStamp offers custom stamps in different designs made with your child’s unique name and spelling.

    Having a durable and skin-safe stamp can help you to keep your child’s clothes out of the lost and found and make it easy to sort everything on laundry day too–a win-win for parents. 

    The best part? Your child can use it themselves and learn how to care for their own belongings.

    Choose from a variety of adorable designs and start customizing your personalized stamps today! 👇

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